Monday, February 25, 2008

in There

in There
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Some of my friends visited the virtual world THERE; I still need to go although I registered ages ago... I think it is important to visit other virtual worlds before developing an absolute loyality to one. I hope it is not too late for me!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Tweet Map

If you are a user of Twitter, you can enter your Twitter name and password, and all the "tweets" by the people you follow will pop up on a Google Map, showing where they are located.

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Friday, February 8, 2008

American Elections...

We have our favorites here in South Africa. Our policy at work is to keep politics and religion out of the workplace, and certainly out of our community work - it could be the cause of much conflict and we do not seek to complicate our presence in communities or our relationship with influencial leaders. It has been really difficult...

And then there is international politics; and specifically the political arena of the United States of America. We have followed the elections very carefully - since I was a child. It has been important, because American politicians and their related policy towards Africa and the East always affected us in one way or another. And so, I also watched President Bush getting elected a second time and our jaws dropped to the ground. Yes, I am much more bias and outspoken about American politics, and my views are shared by every single African I have met the past six years. We all spoke about the second time election of a Republican to office with stunned amazement. How could so MANY people in the USA believe so many obvious lies? But it is not our country, and it is not our vote...and maybe we should not have an opinion...but we do...So, here I offer my perspective, for what it is worth and for maybe being able to swing one vote towards a presidential candidate that could bring hope to the world:

Frankly, I do not care whether Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton gets elected, as long as one of them actually do! However, I think it is critical to elect the one that has the BEST chance of representing the ideals of the country towards a free society that respects human dignity and diversity, above corporate interest groups. I also think that the candidate needs to have the BEST chance of winning the elections to return it to the Democrats. At a fundamental level, it seems to us that the Democrats have a far superior international policy and APPROACH to other nations than what the world has seen the past few years. For that reason alone, I selfishly declare myself an non-voting supporter...

I watched some of the speeches of Barack Obama and have the same sense of hope that we had in our 1994 elections here in South Africa. There is something in the air when he speaks, and because I believe in the wisdom of crowds and not the intellect or experience of one person - I do not care much for his so-called 'inexperience'. Having said this, I think that Hillary Clinton has the makings of an incredible Commander-in-Chief and has what it takes to lead the country! It simply does not matter - both candidates offer the hope we all need...

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fog and Information...and me - somewhere!

Some mornings when I get up here in Cape Town and the air is still crisp and clean, I find fog outside, hanging across the lake and reaching to the sea in the distance. Yes, I live in a beautiful area. A few miles north, our clients wake in the wetlands and deal with the same fog (meeting a muddy front yard as they walk from the front door) and prepare to go to work in the early summer mornings... Most mornings the view is clear for all of us and the fog lifts quickly as the sun rises, but some days, it hangs for a while and I feel connected with a larger universe - and at the same time, overwhelmed and unsure.

This is the same for me, most days, when I reach for the keypad and look at the screen: Information overload. Too much to read, to find, to discover and to throw away. Indeed, a foggy affair which asks for skills of discernment, sound judgment and the ability not to horde! Because, so easily one can sign up for every second social network, freebie and once on the inside, get bombarded with even more information.

I am trying to be selective these days. I am trying to listen to reputable friends and when there is genuinely a trend that seems to make sense to more than one in my trusted circle of friends, I go for it. I fearlessly sign the MEERKAT in to be part of a meaningful conversation with people I have come to trust. Well, I have just joined Blogger... and I hope this will be a journey in itself.

I feel rather foggy today - with more than one 'personal' webblog on the Internet. There is a need to consolidate my online life. This much I know. And the sun will come out tomorrow again.... and I will feel connected with many others despite (or maybe because of!) all this information and opportunities...

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