Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fog and Information...and me - somewhere!

Some mornings when I get up here in Cape Town and the air is still crisp and clean, I find fog outside, hanging across the lake and reaching to the sea in the distance. Yes, I live in a beautiful area. A few miles north, our clients wake in the wetlands and deal with the same fog (meeting a muddy front yard as they walk from the front door) and prepare to go to work in the early summer mornings... Most mornings the view is clear for all of us and the fog lifts quickly as the sun rises, but some days, it hangs for a while and I feel connected with a larger universe - and at the same time, overwhelmed and unsure.

This is the same for me, most days, when I reach for the keypad and look at the screen: Information overload. Too much to read, to find, to discover and to throw away. Indeed, a foggy affair which asks for skills of discernment, sound judgment and the ability not to horde! Because, so easily one can sign up for every second social network, freebie and once on the inside, get bombarded with even more information.

I am trying to be selective these days. I am trying to listen to reputable friends and when there is genuinely a trend that seems to make sense to more than one in my trusted circle of friends, I go for it. I fearlessly sign the MEERKAT in to be part of a meaningful conversation with people I have come to trust. Well, I have just joined Blogger... and I hope this will be a journey in itself.

I feel rather foggy today - with more than one 'personal' webblog on the Internet. There is a need to consolidate my online life. This much I know. And the sun will come out tomorrow again.... and I will feel connected with many others despite (or maybe because of!) all this information and opportunities...


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