Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ripples from the Zambezi reaches Uthango...

"If people do not wished to be helped, leave them alone - this should be the first principle of aid!!" ("Small is Beautiful" by E.F Schumacher)

I really enjoyed this video of Ernesto Sirolli as I have much respect for the way he deals with development in Africa. He is one of the most respected development experts that echo the philosophy of our own work. He discovered the same lessons in working with indigenous communities as we did - and came to some of the same conclusions. I had the pleasure of meeting Ernesto Sirolli in Johannesburg at the South African Business and Technology Incubation Association conference in 2006. I left inspired and am grateful that his talk is now captured on a small video.... Thank you!

Please do play this one; it will enrich your life....

I am excited that Ernesto visited our project online and hope to share virtual worlds with the pioneering Sirolli Institute - that recently started a new social network, HippoNexus, for enterprising people with enormous potential. Maybe we could organise a talk in Second Life (R) and more people could benefit from his experiences...


deola November 18, 2008 at 7:19 PM  

this is really nice. keep it up.

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