Monday, December 22, 2008

Dylon's Birthday before Christmas

I just received a call from a fellow Director who was on the telephone this afternoon with Berenice Bougaard, principal of Sunrise Educare Centre in an informal settlement, Vrygrond - South Africa. She called on behalf of one of their learners, Dylon (7 years old), who suffers from cancer and is terminally ill in a wheelchair. The prognosis is really not good and there is every chance this will be his last birthday and final Christmas.

I don't normally do appeals like this, but lately my heart has recently been drawn to the under-resourced primary schools and educare centres in our country. This particular centre is supported by the Alexandra Stark Memorial Foundation in France in terms of infrastructure, but this is an ad hoc appeal for a particular learner who is loosing the battle against cancer:
The request from Berenice was for a financial donation of R1000,00 ZAR (or 103.06 USD) to have a special birthday party for Dylon and his friends at the centre tomorrow (23 December) evening South African time.

Please let me know if you are willing to assist with a direct donation. We will not apply any funds received for any other purpose and the entire amount will be transferred directly to the centre via Uthango Social Investments. The nature and time frame of this appeal
(the event is tomorrow!) make South African donors the most appropriate in this instance, but we would appreciate any support from the global community for similar initiatives. Please contact us directly or visit our secure donation page with credit card facilities on Uthango's website...

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