Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sleeping on "Thin Things"...

When we visited Aquila Pre-Primary School, these mattresses caught my eye. The little ones sleep on them daily but gosh! they really do need some new ones - or at the very least, some covers. Another day, another mission...

Resources in schools in Africa are most of the times not elaborate, but really the basics. One would wonder, why could the school not just get what they need from fees? However, it is a simple calculation to realize that the small salaries of educators (not much more than $250/month), daily food, educational variable costs and maintenance of the premises cannot be covered by school fees paid by unemployed parents in these communities. The assistance of the government and private business sector is needed and organisations like ours make it just a bit more easier on the management of these places. We hope to be able to get the matrasses for the small ones... and replace the 'thin things' as the local gardener called them as he carried them out to make up a few rows for the 2-4 year olds to sleep that afternoon...


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