Friday, June 24, 2011

today I called a man SCHMUCK

Yes, it is true! Today I actually said to a near stranger: "Oh you look all nice and SCHMUCK" and it was the funniest moment I had in a long time. A friend and I went for lunch and ran into an old (and he DID look old) boy friend in his Eskimo-like jump suit and well,  the word that came to me was that he looked SCHMUCK...

My friend looked quite stunned for a moment, and had the courtesy to clarify. Google further revealed I really did insult him without blinking an eye, but now that I know what it really means and think about it, he actually was a big schmuck when they were still going out. I am so naive in some ways, and actually blushed when another friend told me it has a far worse meaning related to male genitals. Oh dear...

Except, I actually meant, he looked 'nice and SNUG' in the Cape Town cold... ummm... the disadvantages of a second language - or NOT.  I had a great day. We laughed a lot today.  It was the first time I called anyone a 'schmuck'. It felt awesome.

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