Monday, October 31, 2011

"Willing to be misunderstood" -Innovators.

Some times we have to walk through walls to achieve what we really believe deep down. We may very well be the only ones holding on to a dream, an idea, a better way or doing business. This year has been such a year for me - a year to walk through walls.

When I was in Paris last year, we stumbled upon a statue sculpted by the famous French actor Jean Marais (1913-1998) to commemorate the most famous story of author Marcel AymĂ© (1902-1967), "Le Paisse-Muraille” or “The Man Who Could Walk Through Walls." I share the moment with the co-founder of our company, and a good friend.

Little did I know I had to walk through another wall or two this year before breakthrough. And it was painful. It still is.

More times, we have to be 'willing to be misunderstood' to risk ridicule and loss, because we may (just may!) gain happiness or success. I have seen this happening earlier this year. But being true to self and taking risks for the sake of a better world (of becoming a better person even) is at the heart of the innovator, the entrepreneur. There are few better examples of innovators loving beauty, than Steve Jobs. 

I read the Eulogy by his sister, Mona Simpson, in the New York Times today. Wow. It helped me in so many ways, and I applaud her for sharing this very private experience with the world. It leaves me with a distinct feeling that it is really! "OK" to be exactly who you are until the end of your days - true to self. Thank you for giving all of us a glimpse into the future again, Steve. I am thankful today that there may be an 'Oh Wow!' experience waiting when I walk through another wall in pursuit of something better ...

I am thankful for you, Mr. Jobs. That is all.


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