Monday, December 5, 2011

Being the Least - Wees die Minste #inspiration #growth

I can still hear her voice some times - way back in my mind, but distinctly so - telling me to 'be the least' - possibly in reference to the Biblical principle to be humble. And I usually listen. Mostly. But not recently. I have come to see that being humbled and 'taking it on the chin' as if it does not hurt or matter is NOT the best of ways, as humility is too often mistaken for weakness. A willingness to listen, and to be respectful of another's opinion has been misconstrued recently into being a 'softy'. I have had it.

This has started me on a path of critical reflection, and yes - I know a blog is not a therapy session. But, know this: Our business engagement, our interpersonal relationships are fundamentally injected by the beliefs we pick up and embrace when we are youngsters. One of them being: Be the least. This also means: Walk away (it's easier). Don't fight (it's not lady like). Don't be emotional (it's not business like). Don't be confrontational (it's not respectful). And then there is that ONE moment, the tipping point... that calls you...

That moment when there are suddenly clarity about the things that are WORTH standing up against. The moment that requires greatness - without sacrificing humility. These are surely not mutually exclusive. And then, dear mom, I cannot "be the least' because I am called upon to be the MOST I can be. It takes all my energies, and all my stamina to go forward and challenge the stereotypes and the assumptions, the injustices against women, against a racial or cultural kind like me, or simply a lack of faith in my ability to lead others to greatness. I will not be made smaller. I know you don't want it any other way.

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