Friday, January 13, 2012

Loyalty Programs linked to Social Media - Does it work?

We all know the group buying schemes online, and the growth and success of social networking sites. We have come to see the value of membership programs linked to retails stores for discounts or 'money back' to encourage loyal customers to make preferred choices. And of course the loyalty programs that work well with customer relationship strategies if done well. Today I discovered a loyalty program called PunchTab and I am keen to see how it will work. I came across it when I updated my Wibiya bar (at the bottom) and integrated the program for loyal subscribers to this personal blog of mine. Would be interesting to see how it works. When I joined I got a Groupon discount voucher - not bad. And I am able to create my own vouchers, so I took the time to create one for @tourismcapetown to support a tag #capetourist that could help visitors to the Western Cape find nice venues to visit. This is going to be fun.... Entertain me and participate please...


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